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Pest Control Brisbane promises you to provide a shield of protection and keep your home permanently pest-free. Pest Inspection, Pest Removal, and Pest Control specialists in Brisbane! Call 1800 122 695 to book FREE pest inspection today!

Keep your home permanently pest free in Brisbane

Getting tired of those tiny little creatures creeping inside your home/office? Worried about how these pests could spoil the healthiness of your life? Come to Green Pest Shield where we provide safe and guaranteed pest control services at the lowest prices in Brisbane. From bed bugs, biscuit beetle, cockroaches, ants, carpet beetle, birds, bees, spiders, mites, possum, fleas, borers, bird mites, mosquitoes, rodents, Indian meal moth, silverfish, rats, blowflies, mice, fermentation flu, rice weevil, grain beetle, ticks, to wasps – we can kill them all.

Pest Control Brisbane
Pest Control Brisbane

We are the local pest controllers of Brisbane, serving domestic as well as commercial customers from all across Brisbane. We hire certified and licensed professionals to deliver simply the best pest control service to YOU. Green Pest Shield is available for you 24×7 to deliver pest control services. We also offer same-day and emergency services just in case you require them.

Call Green Pest Shield today to explore our pest control solutions, our methodology, and our prices!

Why Hire Professional Pest Controllers in Brisbane?

Pests demand professional attention and you simply can’t ignore them. Pests can cause serious health problems and other issues both at the workplace and your home. So it is best to keep them at a bay by calling our professional pest control service. Sprays available in the market usually do not contain much content of pesticides and are thus less effective on pests. On the contrary, we have great equipment, ample knowledge, and enough experience to deal with all sorts of pests anywhere in Brisbane.

Pests can create other problems for you as well. For instance, if health authorities intervene then you might have to close your food-related business. You also might have to pay a heavy fine for negligence as far as hygiene is concerned. To stay in the good books of your customers, it is best to not let pests enter your premises. Use guaranteed pest control solutions from Green Pest Shield and stay protected!

brisbane pest services
Brisbane pest services

Our Domestic Pest Control Service

Stay in peace with our domestic pest control services designed especially for domestic pests. These include cockroaches, bed bugs, bird mites, rats, mosquitoes, dust mites, fleas, wasps, spiders, and flies. We can come knocking on your door with one single call. With our pest control treatment, you don’t have to leave your house. We ensure the safety of your loved ones and assure you that our methods are safe even for kids and pets. Mostly one-time treatment is enough for domestic pest control but in case your property has the problem of recurring pest infestation then we can offer you an annual program at a much reasonable price.

Our Commercial Pest Control Service

We have a special team for commercial pest control services. Pests at the workplace can make you lose your reputation, customers, stock, and thus profit. Instead of making a huge loss because of these unwanted pests, invest in our guaranteed commercial pest control services and keep your business protected from pests. Commercial pests can vary from house fly, ants, blowflies, biscuit beetle, rice weevil, rodents, Indian meal moth, fermentation flu, grain beetle, mice, and types of cockroaches. We extend our services to schools, hotels, restaurants, cafes, food courts, warehouses, food joints, or any other commercial property.

Pest Control Brisbane
Pest Control Brisbane

Green Pest Shield uses a proper management program under commercial pest control service. We share even the minutest details of the project with you, in the form of documentation and reports.

Pest Inspection, Pest Removal, and Pest Control Services in Brisbane

Before pests hit your home or office, there are practically many things that you can do to avoid seeing them in the first place. Follow these simple steps:

  • Keep your house/office clean
  • Change dustbin bags daily
  • Don’t allow entrance points to pests
  • Store food in sealed packs/airtight containers
  • Seal all holes in cupboards, walls, and tiles
  • Don’t let dishes in sink/dishwasher overnight
  • Use fly screens on your windows

We Provide the BEST Pest Control Solutions

Green Pest Shield Brisbane offers you the safest, finest, and most affordable pest control solutions. Whether it is your home or your office, our professionals are qualified to tackle domestic and commercial pests with the same authority. We have been dealing with all sorts of pests for more than 20 years in Brisbane. Our clients vouch for our valued customer service and guaranteed pest control solutions. We are proud to declare that we have the finest equipment in the industry and with eco-friendly methods, we can completely eradicate pests from your life. We take our job seriously and that is why we are ready to come back in case you don’t feel satisfied with our results.

Ask us today for a free quote and be assured that you won’t be surprised by any hidden charges. Make Green Pest Shield your companion and don’t let pests ruin your life!

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