Say No to “Cockroach infestation”

Water and food-friendly place is suitable for Cockroach to live. Roaches come to our home in search of food while gradually they found it the best place to stay if they are provided with feeding and shelter. A cockroach does not need much food to eat. They can survive with very minimum food for a long time. Hence eliminating them completely is quite difficult for any homemaker. The manual technique of pest removal can give you temporary relief but not a permanent solution.

Cockroach Control Service
Cockroach Control Service

A Complete Cockroach Elimination

To get rid of the Cockroach menace completely and prevent them to come again you should take the assistance of a professional cockroach control service. Their cockroach inspection treatment is well enough to detect the pest infestation. After an initial inspection, they implement the Professional Pest Control in Brisbane process to eliminate them. Be a little proactive. Hire a good pest control service at least once in a year for routine pest inspection even if you don’t have the pest issue at your residence. This can save you from a future pest disaster.

Kitchen Hygiene Habits

So to keep your home free from Cockroach infestation a hiring a professional pest control service is a good option. But sanitation and home cleaning are equally important.

Ø  Always keep your kitchen clean before you go to bed.
Ø  Kitchen bin, sink, kitchen platform, gas stove, and the floor should be cleaned regularly.
Ø  Sanitation is the only key to preventing pest infestations
Ø  Do not throw the leftover food and crumbs here and there in the kitchen. These are the sources of attraction for the Cockroaches and other pests.
Ø  Cleaning your kitchen appliances like oven, microwave and toaster are highly required.
Ø  Dry foodstuffs like rice, grains and cereals should be kept in jars or covered containers.
Ø  Use airtight and vacuum container for the food not to get contaminated by the pest.
Ø  Do not let bad order prevail in your kitchen and bathroom.
Ø  Clean out all the drains and jams in your kitchen and bathroom.
Ø  Avoid firebrat, fruit fly and silverfish infestations at your premises.
Ø  Do not use cardboard objects, scrape newspaper and paper bags in your kitchen.
Ø  Seal all the cracks and gaps of the wall, door, and window to prevent their reappearance.
Ø  Throw the garbage regularly and wash out the bins not to develop the stinky smell. The stinky smell attracts pest to enter your home as pests love it though.

Cockroach Pest Control
Cockroach Pest Control

Whom to Trust?

The aforesaid techniques are the routine task that every homemaker has to follow to avoid pest menace. Hence if you are already struggling with a serious pest issue the manual pest control process won’t work. Botanical insecticides are the toxin which can be used for severe pest infestation. But it is a last resort in the hands of the Cockroach Pest Control Services providers. We the Green Pest Shield is the best professional pest control service provider at your location. Call us today for a cockroach-free home.