How Can I Get Rid Of Fire Ants

Encountering with fire ants inside your home could certainly get you into so much trouble. These tiny pests are unquestionably one of the most vicious creatures. There can be various reasons behind fire ants infestation including when the house is not properly cleaned, scattered food particles, unpack food items, unpack fruits. Fire ants bite can give you pain and leave red marks over the surface of your skin. Fire ants can attack in self-defence or when you try to pose harm to their knolls. Fire ant infestation in the home is certainly a not safe sign. Hence, if you ever encounter fire ants in huge number then call a fire ant control service quickly. 

Tips That Will Help You To Get Rid Of Fire Ants

  • Pouring hot water on their knolls can help you in removing most of them. However, it is not necessary that the will get killed with this process.
  • Spraying pure lemon syrup on them can be beneficial too.
  • You can also try Borax, water, sugar, Cinnamon, Peppermint and chalk to eliminate them. And you can also go for dishwashing surfactant mixed in boiled water.
  • A vinegar solution can also help in eliminating them. Simply pour the solution on their knolls to get the results.
  • There is a product available in the market named as Ortho Fire Ant Killer which is considered really effective ant repellent.
  • You can also place baits to control them it is one of the most efficient ways to control them.
  • Using a mound treatment 7-10 days later the application of fire ant bait will be effective as well.
  • Keep the house clean and never scatter food particles in any area of the house because it will attract the ants and they will occur in a huge number. 
  • Hiring a professional ant control services is the most reliable way to get rid of them.

Call The Professionals

Call the experts of Green Pest Shield if you are dealing with fire ant infestation inside your home. We have a team of professionals who have been working in this industry for many years and have controlled all types of pest infestations. With a team of experts who work with their full dedication we always provide our customers with the best results they needed. Fire ant infestation inside the home could lead to many problems and controlling them on own is never easy. Hence calling an expert Best Pest Control Services in Brisbane on time can be the best solution. To know more about us reach us online.

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