Bed Bug Bites!! So Annoying and Painful. Green Pest Shield Can Help

Bed Bug infestations are increasingly common infestation throughout the world. People often complain of bed bugs while staying in hostels, hotels or hospitals. Bed bugs can also infest your own bed and mattress. Bed bugs though very small about 4-5 mm long but even a single bed bug can cause severe discomfort and daily bites on your body. Bed bug infestation is a matter of serious concern as the number of bed bugs increases so will their bites.

The most obvious sign of bed bug infestation is their bites. Bed bugs bite you anywhere while you are asleep. Bed bug bite is a very small itchy rash that can be painful and very annoying. You can always rely on local ointments available at the chemists for treatment of bed bug bites. These ointments can help the rash or bed bug bite heal and get you relief from scratching and irritation.

Severe bed bug infestation can compromise your health and can make you suffer. Different type of people react differently to bed bug bites. Some people often don’t even notice bites while others can develop large itchy welts. It is advisable that you hire professional pest control services to get rid of bed bugs from your mattress or bed.

Expert Bed Bug Control
Expert Bed Bug Control

There are some other signs of bed bug infestation which you can look out for to prevent bed bug bites. The bed sheet or mattress can have a single or multiple blood spot caused by bed bugs bites on your body. You can also watch out beneath mattress and bed for the movement of bed bugs. Although they are very small when noticed they will appear oval in shape. It is very difficult to do bed bugs treatment as they are very resistant to various chemicals and multiply rapidly. So if you suspect severe bed bug infestation call Professional Pest Control Service asap. Don’t suffer from bed bugs bites and hire Mark’s Pest Control Sydney.

What Can We Do For Bed Bugs and Bed Bug Bites?

We at Green Pest Shield Sydney are an experienced and age-old name in the field of professional pest control services. Our teams of pest controllers are certified and qualified professionals who have experience and training in all kinds of pest controls. We have a vast knowledge of bed bug infestation and offer modern methods and techniques for complete eradication of bed bugs. The main emphasis is based on using environment and eco-friendly methods to get rid of bed bugs. Depending upon the severity of infestation our technicians will deliver perfect Bed Bug Control and bed bug extermination. With years of experience and training we can completely eradicate bed bug infestation within 24 hours. No need to leave your home or commercial property our staff will treat the infestation problem and finish the work within a day.                      

Bed Bug Infestation
Bed Bug Infestation

Some Benefits of Hiring Mark’s Pest Control To Prevent Bed Bug Bites

  • We offer our customers with routine checking and inspecting service. Most of the time bed bug infestation can go unnoticed, our professionals will pay regular visits to inspect your beds and mattresses.
  • Now no need to through away the affected furniture as we can also treat the furniture for bed bugs.
  • Mark’s Pest control will not only terminate bed bugs but our service will result in further protection from future infestations as well.
  • Our expert professional pest controllers can also help you remove bed bug eggs from the mattress, bed or furniture. Complete removal of bed bug eggs is necessary as they can again get born and infiltrate the mattress.
  • We also advise you to buy some topical ointments containing local painkiller and antihistamines. These ointments will provide relief from scratching and pain and antihistamine will prevent allergies and rash.

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